# Mocking Overview


When I first started testing I remember thinking that mock testing must be hard. That was a good enough reason to avoid it like the plague for a few years but you can't outrun the plague. To my surprise I realized that mocking doesn't have to be hard.

This led me initially to create the FireMock library -- which you can use independantly of this library -- but because Firemodel has contextual knowledge of how your data structures are setup it mocking is even easier with Firemodel leveraging the FireMock library.

In order to be ready to start your mocking journey with Firemodel you will need to install FireMock locally to your project:

yarn add --dev firemock

This ensures that the underlying firemock dependency doesn't make it into your production code (even if you're a fancy "tree shaker"). Once this is added as a devDependency use of the library will be transparent.

Enjoy and start mocking (your code not me).

# Scope Qualification

A quick disclaimer ... before we claim that the mocking that comes "out of the box" via FireMock is the end-all-be-all to mock testing let me state clearly that it is not. There are great libraries like TestDouble and Sinon. These are more typical Mock libraries and help mocking all sorts of things. What FireMock is providing is simple way to mock your database interaction. It doesn't help you mock classes, objects, functions, etc. in your code.

Feeling a bit deflated? Don't worry my friend ... mocking your database interaction is probably the most common thing you'll need to mock so you're still in a happy place and now you have two links to other libraries if you want to go further.

Last Updated: 7/6/2019, 11:50:19 PM